TORN back again as Gold Sponsor

The online game has been a gold sponsor of the White Horse Soapbox since the very first iteration in 2022.
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TORN and Soapbox Derby team up again !

TORN back again as Gold Sponsor

TORN is a Frome-based online game that started out with us back at the very first White Horse Soapbox Derby in 2022. Since then they've always supported the event as a GOLD Sponsor and encouraged us to go faster, be more brave and push the limits of the event for the benefit of the public. We're excited to have TORN again this year and to see Joe and the rest of the team in our hospitality tent on the day. 

Torn is a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you can be anything and anyone you want. With 50,000 unique daily players, we’re home to one of the largest communities of text-based gamers in the world. 
Like the Soapbox Derby, Torn claims to be a family-friendly pastime that's fun for all ages. The truth is that both of our audiences want nothing more than to witness carnage and chaos from a safe distance.

See you all on May 18th. For any updates check here or follow us on our social. 




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