Our Shiny Website is Live (As you can see!)

White Horse Soapbox Derby Website Goes Live
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What can you expect from the new site?

Our Shiny Website is Live (As you can see!)

Our new high spec website puts the White Horse Soapbox Derby at the forefront of engineering events nationwide. 

We've always aimed to become the largest, best and most exciting engineering event in the South West and now Honeystone have powered us towards that goal with this interactive, bells and whistles behemoth, which the Westbury-based web developers have built from scratch. They've been first rate in communicating the project development, backend training and creating an astonishing final product. And yes, we know they're reading this ! 

So why is this good? 

Teams can sign up directly through the site. Traders can register their interest. Sponsors can view the event in detail, including packages. And very soon competitors will be able to log their builds, adding pictures and interacting with other teams. Sharing information, experiences and advice. Well, that may turn out to be misleading pictures of strange designs to put off other teams, but, you know, all harmless fun! 

Fans of the race can also stay tuned as the ecosystem develops, getting the latest info on the event, including information about parking, traders and, vitally, when the beer tent opens. 

How is this all possible? 

The short answer is, uh, you! The whole event is built upon the event fans interacting, getting involved and coming to cheer on their teams on the day. We want to create something special that can be enjoyed by everyone. So have fun looking around the site and we shall be seeing you on May 20th ! 


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