Arke Ltd back for another year of Workshops and Soapboxing !

Arke Ltd are back as a Gold Sponsor for the White Horse Soapbox Derby. The Heywood House based company have supported the event since the beginning and continue to go above and beyond.
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Arke Ltd Gold Sponsor the White Horse Soapbox Detrby 2024

Arke Ltd back for another year of Workshops and Soapboxing !

The White Horse Soapbox Derby has engaged and inspired hundreds of Primary aged children, sent world class engineers hurtling down a hill in Westbury, and hosted some of the most eclectic bands and acts this side of the Edinburgh Fringe. None of this, though, would have been possible without Arke Ltd. We approached them in 2021 with an idea. 

We've got a big hill, lots of schools with virtually NO funding for STEM subjects and a huge engineering trading estate…what about sending people down the hill in Soapboxes and seeing how we can inspire the local community and the young people within it. And, uhh, yeah we've never done this before so not really sure where to start. 

There was a bit more to the pitch than that…but not a great deal more. The short story is Arke said yes, let's go for it!  Three years on and they've now led on engineering workshops with primary aged and secondary aged children in Westbury every year. In 2024, it's Windmills in a Cup - providing a Kit for primary aged kids to build a windmill and then have it tested on the day of the event, with prizes for most efficient and best design. There's also a competition for children aged 12 -15 years old, where the specs of a motor attachment will be all they have. So we expect loads of creativity on what recyclable materials they'll use.

Arke are a small consultancy based here in Westbury, made up of people with backgrounds as varied as STEM, the arts, design and economics. In a rapidly changing world, they provide expert analysis and advice to help our customers understand technology and how they might invest and use it in the future. 

We’re excited to be part of another fantastic Westbury soapbox event and to support the engineering talent of the future in the area.  We can’t wait to see how each of the teams bring a bit of creativity to their designs! Remember – everything’s a prototype!

At Arke, we’re working lots in the area of sustainability, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this year’s theme of wind power inspires the community and generates conversation around what we could be doing differently. Tackling and adapting to climate change is everyone’s responsibility.  

Pop in to our Arke stand to have a chat and exchange notes on STEM, the world, and everything in between.

See you all on May 18th, 2024. For updates check back here or on our socials.



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