The White Horse Soapbox Junior Derby will challenge primary school children to ‘Drag Race’ their self propelled cars over 30 metres.

The event will take place on the same day as the White Horse Soapbox. Schools will be provided with race stipulations and guidance for building their vehicles.

The fee  to enter is £1.


We are also running STEM workshops throughout the year.

You can request a Free Coding Lesson for Primary School students below.

coding workshop white horse soapbox

Featured Workshop

Scratch Workshops

Westbury Town Council worked alongside Lockheed Martin to bring world class STEM workshops to Westbury’s primary schools during lockdown.

The workshops concentrated on Coding Principles, using the fun and interactive Scratch website. 

Students were also taught exactly what a  Software Engineer is and how to become one.

You can request this 3 hour course for Free

What the Teachers Say

Bitham Brooke Coding Workshops

The coding workshops have given me the insight and ability to run coding workshops myself next term.

Sarah Hancock, Bitham Brooke Primary School

Westbury Leigh Coding Workshops

The Children absolutely loved the coding workshops. It's been amazing to see them be so creative and really get excited about coding.

Lisa Cox, Westbury Leigh Primary School