Soapbox Specifications 2024

Your soapbox is going to take on one of the gnarliest, technical and bendy Soapbox tracks in the country, winding down one of the steepest, longest hills in Wiltshire.  

These are your specifications. We have also provided you with a Soapbox Build Advisory document, which offers advice and guidance on how to best build your Soapbox. Request at


Your brakes MUST be able to hold the weight of your Soapbox during scrutineering and be safe for racing. 


Every Soapbox MUST weigh less than 100kg. (Excluding Driver) 


Every Soapbox MUST have maximum Length of 2500mm and maximum Width of 1500mm. 


  • Every Soapbox MUST have a Roll Hoop.
  • Every Soapbox MUST be single driver, feet first, and be fitted with a harness.
  • Every Soapbox Driver MUST wear a functioning motorcycle helmet.
  • Do Not use materials that can shatter like Glass.
  • Do Not design the Soapbox steering or braking with any protrusions that could cause puncture injuries.

Tow Point 

Every Soapbox MUST have a tow point for transport back up the course.  

Other Considerations

Your steering needs to take you round sharp chicanes at speed going downhill. We advise against ‘rope and pull.’ 

Your bodywork needs to cushion any collisions you may have with the hay bales, verges or other course materials across the course.  

Your wheels need to be sturdy, think BMX wheels of around 22 inches as a good example. 

We have provided a document of advisory design instructions that will help you build. Please NOTE: This is the document to follow, the advisories are only advice.  

All Soapboxes should have a Historical Theme where possible. Be Creative!